Easy patient positioning

Open patient positioning and side entry minimize errors caused by incorrect patient positioning, allowing you to monitor the patient freely from both the front and side. Side entry allows easy access for all patients – standing or seated. Patient positioning is assisted by our triple laser beam system, which indicates the correct anatomical positioning points.
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Patient benefits for ProMax S3 2D

  • Very low dose radiation.
  • More diagnostic information than a full mouth series of x-rays.
  • A relaxed patient means a smooth imaging workflow and the best possible image quality.
  • Work with an unrestricted view of your patient.

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Robotic arm technology

Planmeca ProMax® features highly advanced and exclusive robotic SCARA (Selectively Compliant Articulated Robot Arm) technology.
Providing flexible, precise and complex movements required for rotational maxillofacial imaging.  The precise free-flowing arm movements allow for a wider variety of imaging programs not possible with other X-ray units with fixed rotations. SCARA offers superior imaging capabilities for both existing and future technologies.

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ProMax S3 2D X-Ray
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