Comments by Michael Freischel DDS

Our office has added a new radiograph (x-ray) machine.  The PLANMECA ProMax S3 2D.  This equipment will be used to take most of the x-rays that my patients will need for treatment, including bitewings and a full mouth or panorex.

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It is for these reasons (among other significant improvements as well) this equipment was chosen and added to my office.  If conventional intraoral x-rays are needed, I will on occasion continue to use the traditional analog x-rays that are single use.
Michael Freischel DDS
This new equipment has the advantage of allowing all of the x-rays to be taken externally.  With digital x-rays, this is necessary to control the sterility of the sensors that cannot be properly sterilized.  Cross contamination can occur in intra oral digital sensors (  Click link for article.

The PLANMECA ProMax S3 2D exposes the patient to a significantly lower radiation dose than conventional anolog x-ray equipment.